Monday, March 24, 2008

Hi to all from a newcomer

Hi to all,
I was so anxious to get started on something from this book but had 2 major projects to finish first. I knew I just had to do the fair isle cardigan eventually but just decided to start with it when I found some Joe Sharp silk road in a variety of good colors & ON SALE! I have started & am up to the zig-zag pattern & about to begin the armhole steeks. I will post a picture when I figure out how to do that and when I solve the camera/computer communication problem I am having. I have been busy knitting & don't really like dealing with this computer's issues with my camera.
I just love all the colorful patterns in this book & love seeing/reading about what all are doing. I have some travel planned later this spring/summer & will wait until then to do the embroidery then but need to have it ready before I go. I think it will make a great thing to do for 4-5 hours on the plane.
Sharon h

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