Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Ask Kristin A Question – Deadline April 7, 2008

My friends over at Nashua Handknits / Westminster Fibers are going to publish a full-fledged magazine this coming fall. It will be full of beautiful sweater designs and some special features. They are going to feature a few pages with my designs and an article about me. Rather fun and exciting.

So here’s the catch. Nashua would like my blog readers and fans of my knitwear design to help them with the article. They are asking you to send them questions for me to answer which you would find interesting. The questions can be about anything – my knitting, our farm, my art, our sheep…. Whatever you can think of that would be appropriate for publication and that you would find fun. They won’t have room for all the questions so don’t be disappointed if your isn’t chosen. The readers who submit the questions that are chosen will receive a thank-you gift. So think hard and send your “Kristin Questions” to:


Or directly to me at kn@kristinnicholas.com

and I will forward them to Nashua. Thanks so much for your help.

The crocheted granny square afghan above is something I have been working on since last summer. I thought it would be fun to share the progress of it. I think it really looks fantastic. I used no rhyme nor reason to the colors - I am just using up lots of odd bits of Julia leftover from various projects. I did unify the whole thing by using the lovely Espresso Brown Julia as the outer edge of each square. I have been wanting to make one of these for several years and so it's fun that I am actually getting to it. It is made of 64 squares but I hope to add more to make it even larger.


Anonymous said...
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Knitlee said...

I love granny square blankets...they just seem so cozy.
This one is beautiful.

Anonymous said...
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Sea said...

I made 3 of these when I was in my late teens, they are great for using up oddments, and colourful too, with each square conjuring up memories.

Heather said...

These lovely squares are the "patchwork" of the yarn world, and the subsequent blankets much to be treasured. I too find the squares a wonderful way to use up all those oddiments that accumulate in a knitter's/crocheter's collection of materials. One of my own favourites is one I made of odds and ends, held together with a brilliant sky-blue! Odd perhaps, but it worked!