Sunday, February 17, 2008


Is there errata available for Kristin's book? I worked all day yesterday on "Celia's Mittens" in child small size for my granddaughter, followed the instructions precisly and my mitten looks like a cactus. The thumb is positioned way too high. HELP

patchworkhen a.k.a Patricia


Helen said...

Kristin is in Minnesota this weekend, at the Knit Out, but I'm sure she'll have some help for you when she gets back.

dianehk said...

Corrections are posted on Storey Publishing's site. Here's what they have to date:

Kristin said...

Hi Patricia:
Hope these worked out - I had emailed you before that the mittens have a long cuff - that's why they look odd.
Also, they may be sized too big for your grand daughter depending how large her hand is.
Good Luck!