Saturday, February 23, 2008

Yarn Question for Kristin

Kristin I just received an order from Webs. I couldn't pass up the price, but now that I have it here I realized it does not have the same label. I went back to webs site and noticed that the yarn did not come up under the Nashua but instead what I received is from Devon Yarns with different label. Its not as soft as I thought it would be from what I had heard. Is this your Julia Yarn?

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Kristin said...

Devon Yarns was one of the first incarnations of Julia before Nashua picked it up and it went national to yarn stores everywhere. There is nothing wrong with the yarn - it was spun by a different mill than is doing it now but the colors are the same. There is a very small supply of that current sale item at Webs.

As for the softness, I think that is a tough term to qualify. Julia is softer than all wool but it is by no means cashmere or very fine acrylic. You will really enjoy knitting with it - I'm sure of that. It's all I use.

Good luck.