Saturday, February 23, 2008

I've started

Okay, my husband and boys picked up the book for me earlier this week. For the first several days I just read and drank in the colors. I found myself thinking about what yarn I have in the stash that might make nice mittens.

In the meantime, one of my twin boys brought home his Valentine projects (they are in kindergarten) and this one beautiful heart he had colored. It occured to me that he could give me advice on what colors to choose from the stash. It did not go that well. Unless I am just too stuck with what colors "go" together and could not open my mind to what he was seeing.

At any rate, I cast on a mitten last night. I am working the corrugated rib and so far, think I like the colors. I will try to post a pic later today. (the other twin has been sick and needs my attention).

Kristin (and all of you other great knitters), please give me your input when you do see the picture of this mitten. Clown mitten comes to my mind when I look upon it...

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