Friday, February 29, 2008

Wow - Such Wonderful Wooly Creations

Hi All! I've been away in Minnesota and on vacation with Julia in eastern Massachusetts. This week I've been playing catch up with work stuff and dealing with snow. So please excuse my lack of comments.

First of all - I'm so excited to see what everyone is creating and posting here! Everything looks great. It's rather thrilling to see new color combinations that people are creating and how each project looks different from as pictured in my book Kristin Knits.

I'm busy working on a new book project so I too have been fooling with lots of new color combinations. I can't reveal the swatches or ideas yet of course! It's been a good week to knit with lots of new snow keeping us cosy. There's another storm coming this evening too! I sure could use a new pair of gloves or mittens - if only I had time to knit them!

Check out the Flickr pool - there are some nice projects there too!

Thanks to everyone who has posted and joined the Knitalong thus far. You're great.

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